the prairie and I are sisters, we have the same color hair

these two meditations preformed at the Conrad Environmental Research Center in April 2012 are meant to be viewed simultaneously

At first I was interested in simply capturing the raucous movement of the grasses in the wind and the roar of the air in my ears. I taped the grasses, but didn’t think that the video did much to capture either the visual or the sensory experience of the prairie’s movement. It was my experience of the landscape that I wanted to capture, and this desire led to the filming of the two pieces above. In the first, I moved with the grasses, placing myself as much as possible under the influence of the buffeting wind. At the end of the experiment in giving way I find stillness and then become compact and low, out of reach of the wind. In my mind, I call it give way.

For my second meditation, I wanted to expand upon the idea of finding stillness amidst the chaos and strength of the wind, so I stood tall with my palms touching above my head for as long as I could. I was surprised at how much difficulty was introduced by the pressure of the wind; the buffeting compelled me to engage my legs and core, rooting down so as to be able to keep my arms strongly extended. In contrast to the projections over the golf course, which took place in the crisp stillness of winter, these meditations take air that is blustering and full of life as their setting. I see the quality of the air as playing a critical roll in the finished piece.


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