I am both my only available case study and the filter through which I experience the world, so I begin as we all must with my own self, my own body, mind and sensations. My investigatory tools are yoga, meditation and generally the cultivation of inner awareness. The physical objects that I make are simultaneously visual manifestations and integral components of my research. When I record my physical sensations, I gain a heightened awareness of my self through printing, casting, embroidering and drawing. When I project drawings over the landscape I learn more about their nature and my own from the way they interact with the world.

When I create, I make slowly with my hands. I use painstaking care that manifests in lightness and visual unity. I am physically and mentally present for each mark and manipulation and I work throughout the process to preserve subtlety and avoid excess. My minimalism is the result of a search for human clarity and brilliance, rather than for the shine of mechanical perfection. Human clarity is the result of care and concentration, of meditation.